Flexible Multi-Axis Platform

Weight 432g

Stepless Speed Regulation

Two-Axis Linkage

Constant Speed Cycle Operation

Multi-Point Track Record Operation

Multi-Axis Fit

Numerous ways to play

Equipped with the Bluetooth motor MO­ TORMINI that switches the turntable/slide mode, it instantly becomes an electric turn­ table and pan/tilt desktop mobile car.

Both sides can be installed

– Both the front and back of the turntable are equipped with 1/4 screw holes and screw mirror fixing grooves for flexible installation.
– The rotation angle of the turntable can be limited to 160″ or 345°.
– By screwing the screw into the physical position limit hole. In the case of no physical limit, it can rotate infinitely.

Combine the two into one

Two LIVE WHEELS can be combined into a two-axis pan-tilt-one controls the left and right rotation axis, and the other controls the up and down tilt axis.

Payload: 4KG

Variable speed, strengthen power

The turntable has a built-in variable speed gear, and with the strong power of the motor, a smooth and smooth picture can be obtained at any shooting angle.
Two control methods


-Stepless speed regulation
-Constant speed cycle operation
-A-B point video time-lapse shooting


-Stepless speed regulation
-Constant speed cycle operation
-A-B point video time-lapse shooting
-Multi-point trajectory operation
-Multi-axis simultaneous control

Speed is under control

When the AB point is set for rotation tracking shooting, the control handwheel will automatically allocate each level of speed in the stroke. You only need to turn the control handwheel to fine-tune the rotation speed of the turntable.
Of course, you can also set the automatic running time through the APP to get the speed you want to run.

Multi-axis combination, flexible use

Equipped with LIVE CAR and LIVE WHEEL, it can record tracks on the APP at the same time. For example, left and right pan + left and right rotation + up and down tilt + lens focus/zoom motion trajectory, and multi-axis synchronized execution of trajec­ tory actions.