Instant Change to Motor Slider

Weight 730g

Stepless Speed Regulation

Unlimited Stitching

Constant Speed Cycle Operation

Multi-Point Track Record Operation

Multi-Axis Fit

Manual and electric free switching

Equipped with a Bluetooth motor MOTOR MINI that switches the slide rail/turntable mode and instantly becomes an electric slide rail.

7KG Max.Payload

Variable speed, strengthen power

The slide rail has a built-in variable speed gear, and with the strong power of the motor, a smooth and smooth picture can be obtained at any shooting angle. Horizontal operation MAX load capacity 7KG Vertical operation MAX load capacity 3.5KG.

Total Length: 393mm

The total length of the single track is 393mm, and the running distance is 264mm

Combine two into one, infinite splicing

Support multi-track splicing expansion, so as to obtain a longer running distance.
Two control methods
In addition to manual control of the slide rail, you can also use a mobile phone APP or controller to control the slide rail.


-Stepless speed regulation
-Constant speed cycle operation
-A-B point video time-lapse shooting


-Stepless speed regulation
-Constant speed cycle operation
-A-B point video time-lapse shooting
-Multi-point trajectory operation
-Multi-axis simultaneous control

Speed is under control

When the AB point is set for rotation tracking shoot­ ing, the control handwheel will automatically allo­ cate each level of speed in the stroke. You only need to turn the control handwheel to fine-tune the rotation speed of the turntable.
Of course, you can also set the automatic running time through the APP to get the speed you want to run.

Multi-axis combination, flexible use

Equipped with LIVE CAR and LIVE WHEEL, it can record tracks on the APP at the same time. For example, left and right pan + left and right rotation + up and down tilt + lens focus/zoom motion trajectory, and multi-axis synchronized execution of trajec­ tory actions.