Each update in the PDMovie line is a step forward for comprehensive focus control; this newest version adds the ability to switch between Bluetooth and Wifi signal modes, and introduces the redesigned ‘Motor Air’. The Remote Air 4; save time, shoot more.

Small but Powerful

The Motor Air is the newest member in the PDMovie motor series, and continues a tradition of simple, efficient design. The body is thinner and lighter, yet the motor’s speed and power are twice that of the previous iteration.

Higher Motor Resolution

Motor Air boasts 4 times higher motor resolution than the last generation, at 8192 levels. When controlling the lens at any speed it can execute and complete moves accurately and smoothly.

New screen display position

The receiver motor OLED screen has now moved to the side of the motor, for more convenient and immediate readouts. This new layout can display signal channel, signal strength, controllers' residual battery power and so on.

Energy Efficiency for Effective Shooting

Motor Air’s energy conservation features prevent the risk of short circuit and lowers power consumption in standby mode. Additionally, the motor will turn on automatically when connected to the power supply. Save unnecessary extra steps, and get filming faster.


All functions in one button

Motor Air has new practical functions such as automatic or manual lens calibration; adjust motor speed, cancel and recover lens calibration after powering down; all at the touch of a button.

Push and pull with precision

The controller hand-wheel has a resolution level of 7200, and every level of resolution can be displayed on the OLED screen. There are two push and pull buttons on the side, both with acute sensitivity. A slight touch of the push-pull button can trigger a variety of subtle zoom movements.

Longer battery life

The controller has a built-in large capacity battery which can last up to 30 hours at a time. If the controller does not have enough power, it can also use a USB power bank for supplementary charging.

Multiple uses

Whether in a team or working as a solo operator, the Remote Air 4 system is modular and can be configured to satisfy every demand while shooting.

Stable wireless transmission

The receiver motor supports two connection modes; either a 2.4Ghz WiFi or Bluetooth signal. The controller (PDL-TC-AF) or APP can connect/control the motor via Bluetooth. The wireless remote (PD2-HT) can connect/control the motor via WIFI. The range of the controller to motor varies between these two signal types; the wireless effective control range of the Wifi signal is 100 meters, while the Bluetooth wireless control effective range is 20 meters.

Compatible with all lens types

Whether a professional cine lens or a DSLR camera lens, REMOTE AIR 4 can get you shooting quickly and accurately.

7~20V Input Voltage

Motor Air can run on any input voltage from 7-20V. The power of the follow focus system is no longer limited by lower power inputs such as a lithium camera battery. It can easily drive a cine lens even when in use with a low 7.2V power supply.

2D and 3D Applications

The REMOTE AIR 4 isn’t just the perfect tool for full FIZ control on a single camera, but can also synchronise control of two motor setups; ideal for stereoscopic 3D synchro focus shoots.